Portfolios at Duke is a collaborative effort of the Office of Assessment-Trinity College, Trinity Technology Services, and the Duke Center for Instructional Technology.

Portfolio tools have been used in education at Duke University since 2001. In 2011 the Office of Assessment, Trinity College initiated a working group to identify a new portfolio tool to improve upon the existing tools. In 2014, PebblePad was selected as Duke’s new portfolio tool. PebblePad was piloted in 2015 and 2016, and made available to the wider Duke community in 2017.


The primary objective of the Portfolios at Duke initiative is the support of teaching and learning within the curriculum. The goals of this initiative are:

  • To guide faculty and staff through the development of course-based and program-based portfolio templates that encourage critical reflection, deep engagement with material, and productive relationships with faculty and other mentors.
  • Identify samples of student work to document competencies and dispositions that are reflective of Duke’s core learning outcomes.
  • To document and aggregate assessment practices and findings across the university.


For more information on the use of portfolios at Duke or to get involved, contact portfolio@duke.edu.