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How do I organize my files?

There are no folders in PebblePad. Learn how to tag assets to easily find and sort items for reuse. Choose the I want to… button in the top right when viewing an item and then Tag to get started. If viewing the item in your store, click the information button on the far right to open the properties for that file.

Who can see my work?

Items you create or upload are private, unless you choose otherwise. You can share internally with colleagues, submit to an assessment space for instructor or institutional review, or make it public to the web. Learn how to share items in PebblePad with others.

What is the difference between an asset and a resource?

Assets are anything you create in or upload to PebblePad. You can reuse assets throughout PebblePad (i.e., in a portfolio or workbook). They can be tagged to organize them and add them to a collection (i.e., a course topic). Assets can be shared with different audiences.

Resources are forms that have been made available to you (such as a workbook or generic template) to fill out. Resources are often submitted to instructors or departments for feedback and evaluation. Once a resource has been filled out, it is an asset available for reuse.

What is the difference between a template and a workbook?

A template is an empty form that provides structure for learning or reflections, with content materials and one or more question prompts to complete. A workbook is comprised of multiple templates with content materials and question prompts for learning and reflection. Along with templates, a workbook can contain a placeholder for a blog, page or collection. Typically, instructors or staff create templates or workbooks for others to complete. They are referred to as Resources.

Where do I find Resources that are assigned to me to complete?

Go to the Work On box on the home page of PebblePad. As you scroll down, you’ll see custom templates (one page forms created by instructors or staff), PebblePad templates (for you to use on your own) and workbooks (multi-page forms created by instructors or staff).

How can I view the grades or feedback left on my work?

Return to the Asset you created (or filled out) by entering your Asset store. In the top right are icons to open comments and feedback).