Portfolio Showcase

Students, instructors, and department administrators are invited to share their online portfolios with the Duke community. The Online Showcase will include examples of student reflections and portfolios, implementation of portfolios for departmental assessment, and examples of instructor assignments developed. There will be a student competition for the best portfolio. The first place winner will receive $300. The deadline for submitting your portfolio is April 26, 2018. Submit your portfolio today!


PebblePad Introductory Training

January 24   March 8   May 8

In this workshop, you will create your first portfolio items in PebblePad. We will explore the reasons to utilize PebblePad for reflection and what it means to use portfolios to record stories of learning. For the hands-on training, you can either bring a laptop or use a lab computer.

PebblePad: Using Atlas to Collect and Grade Portfolios

January 31   May 10

This training is for instructors and staff who will be assigning portfolios to courses, departments, advisees, and certificates. You will learn how to build a workspace in Atlas (the assessment space of PebblePad), manage assignments, gather portfolios, leave feedback, and create peer assessments. For the hands-on training, you can either bring a laptop or use a lab computer.

Tips for Creating an Online Portfolio

March 6

Entering the job market, applying for graduate school, or getting ready for a job performance review? Trying to capture a snapshot of your learning, experiences, or talents? An online portfolio can give you an extra edge and help you gain a clear picture of who you are and in what direction you’d like to move forward. In this workshop, participants will learn about the most common components of an online portfolio, gain insight into writing for an online audience, and practice designing their own personal narratives.


Using Portfolios to Capture Engineering Design Projects

February 27
Robert Fleisig, McMaster University

Robert Fleisig’s IMPACT project (ongoing since 2012) is a community-engaging, authentic learning experience for first-year engineering students, undergraduate biology students, and graduate-level occupational therapy students. Together, the students, staff, and faculty work with local disabled community members to identify problem areas and then collaboratively design devices to meet the clients’ needs. One of the requirements is that the team members use an electronic portfolio to capture the design, planning, and learning process of this project. Professor Fleisig will discuss the effectiveness of the project for the students who have participated. He will also touch on the use of portfolios in a graduate engineering design course from the Fall 2017 semester and share what students created.

Students Chart Their Own Course: Portfolios at Manhattanville College

March 29
Gillian Hannum, Director of the ATLAS Program

Manhattanville College is a pioneer in the use of portfolios in education. They offer a certificate program which offers students the opportunity to discover their interests and passions. Students in the ATLAS program take portfolio-based courses that cover the transition to college, career exploration, extracurricular activities, and the job search. The Director, Gillian Hannum, will outline the program and its courses, as well as speak to how portfolios help students examine what they are passionate about and hope to accomplish in their college years and beyond.